Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet, just another blog in an ocean of blogs.

Thank you for stopping by!

I have wrestled with starting a blog for months, and I am not convinced anybody is going to read it…nevertheless, here I am!

In a past life I was paid to write, and now I have decided to write for pleasure, about things that interest me, things I love, and life in general.

What will you find here that you can’t find on better, bigger, professional blogs?
Probably nothing except for my unique point of view, as unique as everybody else’s!

I plan to write about a few different topics: food, movies and TV, running, some beauty and fashion, and my happy place Disneyland Paris.

I will also try to talk about living life with anxiety and depression, in the hope it may help other people who struggle with it.

So please grab a mug of your favourite beverage, and stay a while!


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