Disney x Primark haul

I am getting over one of those bad cold + cough combos, and getting any kind of exercise has been almost impossible, so to get out of the house I drove to one of the local  shopping centers and went for a walk / window shopping expedition.

I often browse in Primark for cheap and cheerful fashion and accessories, especially since they stepped up their Disney game. I was not expecting to buy anything, but I was very lucky to spot some lovely items, and they magically went in the basket!

I was particularly excited to finally find a Mrs Potts to join my Chip mug and the rest of my Beauty and the Beast collection on their shelf. They have been popping up in shops all over Europe during the summer but I was never able to find one until now. They were actually in the front of the shop, but half hidden behind a rack of jackets, so I would have missed them if it hadn’t been for fellow fans huddling around the shelf.

2017-10-10 (1).jpg
Beautiful Mrs Potts teapot from Primark

It’s a really beautiful, functioning teapot and very affordable at €14 .

I also found these cute Mickey and Minnie themed coin purses, € 4 each. I was actually hunting for the now famous Mickey ear backpack, but stumbled onto these instead. They are great for storing coins or a key and I will definitely use them with my handbags and gym bag.

2017-10-10 (2).jpg
Very sparkly Mickey coin purse and lovely Minnie coin purse with polka dot bow.

Before leaving the shop, I grabbed two Minnie themed tea towels, which will be perfect in my kitchen since it has mostly red accessories and appliances, a Thumper washbag and a super comfy Minnie hooded blanket.

I really hope Primark keeps coming out with these Disney themed accessories as they are a fun way to bring your Disney fandom into every day life. I just wish they had more Donald themed items….

Do you shop at Primark for your Disney fix? Have you found anything awesome? Let me know in the comments!


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